Register to Vote

EDIT, 26/11/2017:

The deadline to fill out the RFA1 forms and enter the Draft Register of Electors has now passed. If you wish to register to vote ahead of a potential referendum on the Eighth Amendment, or a potential general election, you can still register, but it is a bit more complicated.

You must now fill out the RFA2 form, which involves getting a stamp from your local An Garda Síochána station. You must fill this form out and send it to your local authority well in advance of the date of the polling day (it must be received by your L.A. by at least 15 days before the election/referendum).

If you’re not yet 18, but will be by the time of polling you may register to vote, though you may need to accompany the completed RFA2 form with a copy of your birth cert. More info can be found here.

If you are unsure if you are registered to vote, you should first go to to double-check if you’re on the register of electors or not.

A list of all of the local authorities, as well as direct links to their website’s section on registering to vote, and their postal address, can be found here: Local Authority Details

(Note: the below forms will no longer register you in time for inclusion in the draft register)

If you’re not registered, download one of the following forms:

RFA Form – English

RFA Form – Gaeilge

…then fill them out with your details and send them off to your local authority.